Robert, 50, Los Angeles

“I love foreign languages. I am fluent in German, Spanish, and almost fluent in French. My problem in French was that I always spoke like a book, and even though I could translate novels, I always had a very hard time understanding French people. Alex’s method has brought me exactly what I needed. He is very accurate in his translations, and knows just about everything in French & English. He also knows how non-native speakers think which is in part why he is the best French teacher.”


Mark, 45, Santa Monica, CA

“I have been working for twenty years as a writer in the entertainment industry, and I was offered a great opportunity to work in Paris for a year. I was anxious as I barely knew any French. Alex came to me with his method, and it worked like a charm. I felt very confident about my French when I left the US, and once over there, I realized it wasn’t that hard to understand the French. Alex made a difference. What he taught me, not only in terms of grammar, but also in terms of pronunciation and idiomatic expressions made a big difference. I doubt I would have learned all that anywhere else.”


Yang, 35, Hong Kong, China

“I met Alex in Los Angeles as I was working at UCLA for a year. I needed to learn French because I was going to go back to Hong Kong and my colleagues are all French, Belgian, and Swiss, and they all speak French all the time. Obviously, when I started, I didn’t know a single French word. Alex’s method took me every step of the way towards a level that quickly allowed me to express myself and understand what these guys said. We continued our lessons on Skype, and all the MP3 files he sent me allowed me to keep working on my own, and it’s been absolutely great.”


Alexa, 15, Long Island, NY

“I’ve been really passionate about French since I was 12 years old. I’ve always wanted to become fluent in French, and I know that one day, I will go live there. In the meantime, my parents agreed to send me to a French school in Paris for a semester. I took two years of French, and I feel like I can get around, but I am far from fluent. Within three months, Alex taught me so much, it was unbelievable. He knew exactly what I needed to know to survive in Paris, and I can tell you, it’s been a month, and he has made my learning experience much easier. I knew what to expect in terms of pronunciation, and he taught me all these idiomatic expressions that I’ve been hearing everyone use since I got here. It would have been very frustrating if Alex hadn’t taught me all that.”


Brad, 43, Los Angeles

“I have been an actor for twenty years, and there has been demand for French-speaking actors. I had already learned a lot in college, but I stopped practicing for many years. My French was a bit rusty, but I really love that language. Alex has taught me a lot. I thought I knew more than I did. His method is absolutely phenomenal. I used several “famous” methods in the past, and nothing comes close to what Alex has put together.”


Veda, 42, Los Angeles

“I am originally from Turkey, but I have live in Los Angeles for the past ten years, and worked as a data architect for an American company. As my visa is coming to an end, I am looking to work in France or Belgium, and I absolutely needed to learn French within four months. I took intensive French lessons with Alex. I thought learning French would be hard but Alex taught everything in such a clear way, it felt very easy. We managed to cover everything within four months (very intensive!), and with all his MP3 files, I know I will be fine when I go to France.”


Sonia, 38, Beverly Hills, CA

“I am originally from England, but I have lived in the US for over 15 years now. I had learned French alone in books and on tapes for two years, and I think I had accomplished a lot, but at some point, I stopped improving, and I didn’t really feel fluent. There was still a lot I didn’t understand when French people spoke to me. I think I sounded like a dictionary to them, and they spoke too fast for me. Alex’s method allowed me to grasp the pronunciation patterns used in spoken French. I would never have learned all that anywhere else, let alone all the idiomatic expressions he provided me with.”


Jennifer, 40, Beverly Hills, CA

“I grew up not far from Montreal, but my first language was English. I grew up hearing a lot of Canadian French, but I wanted to speak the French spoken in France, and I was never really fluent anyway. I spoke instinctively, but I still made many mistakes. I didn’t really know grammar rules. Alex taught me all the grammar rules in a simple way. I loved all the idiomatic expressions he taught me as well. I have been speaking French a lot lately, and it has helped me a great deal. His MP3 files have allowed me to sound like a French person.”