Learn to read like Voltaire and speak like a true Parisian.

With a 60 page method, more than 70 PDF files to illustrate each point, and over 15 hours of MP3 files to work on pronunciation, frenchfluency.org is the one and only place to finally reach your goal of becoming fluent in French.

Learn French grammar the right way as well as all the most useful idiomatic expressions used in France. No method comes close to achieving what I have created. This method will take you from a complete beginner’s level all the way to complete fluency, as if you had lived in France for many years.

The end result will be the same as taking over 70 French lessons with me, and spending a year in France with me next to you, to help you figure out pronunciation patterns and all the idiomatic expressions you would have never guessed on your own.

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